Any way to get more verbose logging in codeship?



Currently I’m getting very “informative” log of my failed built. E.g.:

2017-01-24T19:07:02.421Z awsdeployment build/pull started
2017-01-24T19:07:02.473Z awsdeployment build/pull finished successfully

I’d like to know more what happened :slight_smile:
Initially I tested my deploy pipeline locally with jet, it worked well. Then I tried to trigger “real life” codeship build and it failed. Just out of curiosity I pushed a change that intentionally breaks build step, but I’m still getting so little details in codeship build console.

The broken build step looks like this

- name: foobar_step
  service: awsdeployment
  command: foobar

Where “awsdeployment” service looks like this:

  image: codeship/aws-deployment:latest
  encrypted_env_file: deployment.env.encrypted
    - ./:/deploy
  working_dir: /deploy


Hey @Ivan,

again, sorry for the slow reply time on this thread. Did you open a ticket for this issue on our helpdesk (at and if so, could you let me know the ticket ID?

If not, could you point me to the build that failed so we can look into this?


Hi @mlocher!

Request ID is #10431. Luckily, I got the answer from support team. I used wrong AES key to encrypt my environment file.


Awesome, that’s great to hear. Let us know if you have any other questions. :slight_smile: