Docker image_tag


Is it possible to specify 2 tags for image_tag?

Right now I have image_tag: "{{ .CommitID }}"

What is the correct syntax for 2 tags?

image_tag: "{{ .CommitID }},latest"


BTW, I tried using image_tag: "latest, {{ .CommitID }}" and image_tag: "latest,{{ .CommitID }}" as well as:

    - "latest"
    - "{{ .CommitID }}"

and none worked. I’m guessing it’s not an array? Or is there another delimiter we can use?


Hey Marcin,

this isn’t currently possible. But we’re going to track that feature request. As a workaround right now you’d need to push the image twice.


I would like this feature too. It will make CodeShip configuration files much better readable.