Limit concurrent builds on specific branch


Is there a way to limit concurrent builds so that I only run a single build at a time per branch? I have the issue where if I merge a couple PRs to development at the same time multiple builds will kick off and depending on timing the earlier PR might be deployed after the more recent one.


Right now, we don’t have that option - but we have discussed the possibility for things similar to that so I will get this thread passed on to the product team to review.


Are there any updates on this topic? This is an issue for my organization as well, and a way to limit concurrent builds by branch would be really useful.


Any update on this topic? If Codeship is going to drive a CD process, we don’t want to have concurrent deployments to the same environment.



Sorry, still no specific timeline on this. I’d say it’s nearer the top of the priority list than it has been previously, so hopefully we can tackle it soon.


Now that a few more months have passed is there any update on this?