Possible to use Codeship's private SSH key?




Just need to clear a doubt! On Codeship Pro, if I want to push to the same repository my Codeship project is connected to (e.g., push to a gh-pages branch), do I still have to configure SSH per https://documentation.codeship.com/pro/getting-started/ssh-key-authentication/?

To be clear, I cannot have access to the private key corresponding to the Codeship public key, added automatically as a deploy key to the GitHub repo, from within the container(s)?

Asking because the tutorial above starts by

During your build you might want to access other repositories to pull in dependencies or push your code to other servers.

which is not the case, and it would certainly be easier, and cleaner, if possible to benefit from Codeship’s private SSH key?

Thanks in advance!


Hey @kzidane, you are correct it is currently not possible to access to private key that is used for cloning the repositories on a Codeship Pro project. You would need to configure a new SSH key as per the tutorial you linked to.

That said, I’ll forward this to our @product team, so they can track this as a feature request.